Should You Stay Away from the Shop Front Watch?

It’s so hard to resist! The lights are bright , the displays are bold … and sitting there is a stunning watch , glistening in all its beauty … screw it I want it, I need it … 

But hold your horses … step away from the display !!! 

Now don’t get me wrong occasionally you might walk past your local ADs and he has the one in the window, magically the stars have aligned and there’s it is in the window. But generally, the ones in the window are the easy ones, the one that don’t hold much resale value, the ones that are available to everyone. 

Let’s take the time to make a few important points here … if you’ve done your research, you’ve already decided on the watch you wanna strap to your wrist, you’ve checked the market and your ready … and magically it’s there sitting in the shop window, GREAT DO IT … but don’t let that impulsive needs sway you. 

I know it’s hard, I know you want it right now!!! But trust me, you’ll thank me later… walk away, get online and check the pre owned prices, because if the shop front watch nearly got you, I’m sure it’s got other people who regretted there decision and have since got out the watch at a loss, so there’s no point two of you losing on the same watch, is there!!! 

Noticeable absences from the shop front watch mistakes – 

  • Stainless steel Sports Rolex models (any steel Submariner/Air King) 
  • Tudor Black Bay GMT Pepsi Bezel 
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus
  • Zodiac Aerospace GMT 

And most importantly the biggest reason to buy the store front watch … because it’s the one you LOVE!!! 

Take care,