3 Reasons Not to Buy that Watch!!!

So guys… honesty time, I’ve fallen foul of a couple of these in the past. In fact just this week 2 people have been in touch with us to help them get out of watches purchased for these exact reasons …

So let’s just put this out there, don’t fall into these traps-

Number 1 – Because of the watches amazing features …. 

Let’s be honest you don’t need a watch that is waterproof up to 1000m to splash around the pool or wade in the sea. Let’s be honest those watch brands are pretty damn good at marketing, they’ll have you thinking you need it … when you don’t, remember pick a watch you love and suits you!!!

Number 2 – Investment!!! 

We all know that stainless steel sports Rolex models go above retail, take for example if you can get a Rolex Submariner Hulk for £6,600, yes you will double you money over night!!! But … things can happen, the watch market is volatile. Most watches do lose money, but there are the odd few that ‘MIGHT NOT’. 2 thinks on this subject, buy the watch you love, the one you can’t take your eyes off and keep your eyes peeled for our investments watches guide!

Number 3 – To impress anyone

So this is the single worst reason to buy a watch or anything to that fact!!! Whether it’s your boss, friends or the local cocktail waitress. Let’s get straight to the point, if someone is impressed by the things you own and not the things you do, they really aren’t worth any effort!!! 

To sum up –

Basically as we always say … buy watches for the right reason (and let’s be honest there are loads of those…) buy with your heart … a watch should be something you love, something that makes you smile.

Take care