The Perfect Watch Collection for Under £5,000!!!

Yes you read that right , it’s really possible !!!

So let’s break this down a little, ‘this little’ problem we all have can get a little bit out of control, because there are just so many watches to choose from. Well don’t worry we are here to help. We are going to give you the perfect watch collection, and for under £5,000!!! 

First, everybody needs a daily beater … a bomb proof watch that you can strap to your wrist and get on with whatever the day has to throw at you, work, play or pleasure. Ok what does a daily beater need to be – Tough, waterproof, fun and cheap!!! Well we have you covered and of course it’s a seiko!!! 

Our choice – 

Seiko Turtle Save the Ocean – £400

Next, a dress watch. Something for those fancy parties, sophisticated get togethers and of course that time we throw on the blue 3 piece suit. Now as a few of you might know dress watches have taken a back seat in recent years with the growing popularity of the dive watch (with so many of them now being smart casual as well as being practical) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own and love one. 

Our choice – 

Tudor Black Bay Heritage Red Bezel – £2,200

A last but certainly not least, THE WATCH!!! This one is your baby, it’s where most of your hard earned money Is spent. It’s the watch you want to wear, the one you love. It should be a watch you can wear to most occasions… smart, casual and stunning. I’m sure it comes with no surprises … we’ve gone with a TUDOR , because let’s be honest … they are just … WOW!!! 

Our choice – 

Longines Master Collection Chronograph – £1,800 

Final thoughts – 

So here it is, our perfect 3 watch collection for under £5,000, well actually £4,400 to be precise. We are super confident this collection covers all the main bases (fun, versatile, great value but most of all absolutely stunning…)  remember guys watches are meant to be bought with your heart not your heads – enjoy them.

Take care