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The Best Dress watch from £250 – £5500 – Throw the rule book out the window

We’ve all heard the so called rules regarding a dress watch – It has to be thin, It has to be small, it can’t have any complications on the dial, It has to have a brown leather strap … Well how about this for a rule …


Here we stay away from the mainstream brands and delve into what’s available out there on the preowned watch market!

The Best Watch Collection Under £5,000 – Some choices might surprise you, some won’t!

Yes you read that right, it’s really possible!!!

So let’s break this down a little, ‘this little’ problem we all have can get a little bit out of control, because there are just so many watches to choose from. Well don’t worry we are here to help. We are going to give you the perfect watch collection, and for under £5,000!!!

If you want’t to read the post, you can find it here – The Perfect Watch Collection for Under £5,000!!!

The Best Dive Watches for Under £500 to £10,000

So the time has come, you’ve saved up, you’ve decided it’s a dive watch you want …

But here comes the tricky part … which one?

You’ve got your budget sorted, and we’ve got the rest covered …

Under £500

Shock horror … get a seiko!!! We know it’s not the most unconventional decision, but that’s because they make the best dive watches under £500!!! Now which one to get? The SKZ009? No way, yes there’s so much nostalgia behind the watch but let’s be real, the turtle and the samurai are much better made watches … both bullet proof, both very well made …

Our best …

Seiko, Prospex ‘Save The Ocean’ Automatic Divers 200M SRPD21K1 Mens Watch

Next best …

Seiko, Prospex, Save The Ocean, Samurai, Automatic, SRPD23K1, Diver’s

Under £1,000

So you’re starting to get slightly braver? Maybe looking for something with a Swiss movement? Don’t worry we have you covered – you might be surprised here but if you look hard enough you can get an Oris for under £1000, yes an Oris!!! Don’t hesitate pull the trigger , you won’t regret it! Grab yourself a Oris Aquis Date!!!

Our best …

Oris Aquis Date Relief 43.5MM Grey Dial Automatic Rubber Strap Watch

Next Best …

Oris Diver ‘Sixty Five’

Under £2,000

The easiest decision of the day … Shock Shock horror, it’s the Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited edition 3, Limited to just 2000, all the AD are sold out but if you look carefully you might just find one … BUT BE QUICK, these will shortly be going at a premium

Our Best –

Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition 3

Under £3,000

Things are starting to hot up , our expectations are growing with our budgets, well don’t fear … we got just what you need … and again no surprises IT A TUDOR!!! But no , it’s not the Black bay heritage ( although the burgundy/ Red bezel is one our our favourite watches available right now) you’d guess it , it’s the pelagos!!! This stunner comes in 3 different variations, the back face, the black face LHD ( Left hand drive – aimed at lefties or people who like to wear there watch on there least dominant hand without the crown diving in their hand) and our personal favourite the blue face. Now the LHD version is numbered which leads us to believe they will discontinue it soon meaning the price will prob rise … something to think about surely. The Pelagos is the perfect Holiday watch!!!

Our best –

Tudor Pelagos Blue dial

Next Best –

Omega Seamaster 300m – Grey wave dial, blue rubber strap

Under £5,000

Alright big time … chill out!!! This is where things start to get super serious, and you aren’t going to believe what you can get if you dig a little deeper than the stuff on the surface… ok are you ready for this – you can get a Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk for under £5000, yes you’ll have to to search or message us to find you one !!! But you need to understand what your getting here …. a freakin Girard-Perregaux!!! I’m not gonna go into the details of the company but , this watch was launched with owe at Basel world 2013 , and you can really see why … The Sea Hawk is an iconic watch for GP and the 2013 version maintained the visual characteristics that have created the legend: rubber strap, crown at 4 o’clock and specific layout of the dial. The case is also part of the appeal generated by the Sea Hawk, with its octagonal rubber ring underneath the bezel and the angular, and rather bulky, rugged case.

Our Best –

Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk in Cobalt Blue

Under £10,000

Guys … I’m not gonna waste mine or your time here , if you’re gonna buy a diver at £10k , your gonna buy a Rolex Submariner … you just are, I know it!!! But be careful, yes Rolex has the best wrist presence at this price point, yes everyone will know what your wearing but Rolex is a luxury brand – if they are telling you it’s a £6k watch, don’t be a sheep and pay double just because your local club hostess knows what it is!!!

Our Best …

Who cares , we all know what you’re gonna do!!!

Final thoughts –

So we hope you enjoyed this insight , and it’s helped you on your way, as always the most important thing is “buy the watch you can’t take your eyes off” yes some watches have better financial prospects than others, but ultimately it’s yours, make sure you love it. And please, please, please don’t buy a watch to impress others, if they’re impressed by your watch and not your dashing good looks … they’re defiantly not worth it!!!

Peace out,


The Perfect Watch Collection for Under £5,000!!!

Yes you read that right , it’s really possible !!!

So let’s break this down a little, ‘this little’ problem we all have can get a little bit out of control, because there are just so many watches to choose from. Well don’t worry we are here to help. We are going to give you the perfect watch collection, and for under £5,000!!! 

First, everybody needs a daily beater … a bomb proof watch that you can strap to your wrist and get on with whatever the day has to throw at you, work, play or pleasure. Ok what does a daily beater need to be – Tough, waterproof, fun and cheap!!! Well we have you covered and of course it’s a seiko!!! 

Our choice – 

Seiko Turtle Save the Ocean – £400

Next, a dress watch. Something for those fancy parties, sophisticated get togethers and of course that time we throw on the blue 3 piece suit. Now as a few of you might know dress watches have taken a back seat in recent years with the growing popularity of the dive watch (with so many of them now being smart casual as well as being practical) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own and love one. 

Our choice – 

Tudor Black Bay Heritage Red Bezel – £2,200

A last but certainly not least, THE WATCH!!! This one is your baby, it’s where most of your hard earned money Is spent. It’s the watch you want to wear, the one you love. It should be a watch you can wear to most occasions… smart, casual and stunning. I’m sure it comes with no surprises … we’ve gone with a TUDOR , because let’s be honest … they are just … WOW!!! 

Our choice – 

Longines Master Collection Chronograph – £1,800 

Final thoughts – 

So here it is, our perfect 3 watch collection for under £5,000, well actually £4,400 to be precise. We are super confident this collection covers all the main bases (fun, versatile, great value but most of all absolutely stunning…)  remember guys watches are meant to be bought with your heart not your heads – enjoy them.

Take care